About Us

In January 2009, Rosemary started The Job Search Circle, sponsored by Improve-ization, to support the unemployed. From its original seven members it has grown to more than 2400 + employed and in transition members that meet weekly in two Chicago Suburban locations. JSC community reach, through social technology, is able to create a loyal membership from the Chicago Loop to the South, Naperville to the West in Illinois and North into Wisconsin with members as far as Boston, Florida and Arizona. The logo of the JSC includes the Great Northern Geese and like the geese the power and vibrance of the JSC is in its’ Shared Community with a pay it forward model.

“The Great Northern Geese travel thousands of miles in perfect formation, and therein lies the secret.  As each of the great birds moves its wing, it creates a steady uplift for the bird behind it.  Formation flying is 70 percent more efficient that flying alone.  The lesson—people who share a common direction and sense of community can get where they’re going quicker and easier because they’re travelling on the strength of one another.”
-From Great Northern Geese, Lesson 1

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